1) Select a Single Billboard on the Map, OR


2) Select a Billboard from the Billboard Table.


1)  Select a Single Billboard on the Map:


 First, Navigate to the area of the billboard on the map by using any or all of these tools:


   *    Type a nearby address or intersection into the search bar above the map.


   *    Pan around the map by click and dragging the pointer in the map interface.


   *    Zoom in on the billboard location by using the zoom in/out bar in the upper left corner of the map.


Then, Click the Orange Billboard Icon for detailed information.


A Street Viewer window opens that contains the following information of the billboard: 


  • Address. If the address that is listed as the location of the billboard is incorrect, type in the correct address in the address line.
  • Company Name. The company that owns the billboard is often visibly marked on billboard.

  • ID Number. Companies that own billboards identify them by number, and these are often listed on the billboard.
  • Type. Is the billboard on a Pole connected to the ground; sitting on a Roof; attached to a Wall; a Mural; or a large plastic Wrap that covers up the side of a building?
  • Number of ad faces. Billboards are usually single- or double-sided.
  • Lighted. Is the billboard lit up?
  • Digital. Is the billboard one of the new types that look like a large television screen with changing ads?

If some of these categories are not filled out for this billboard, then add any extra information you may have about the billboard.


 2) Select a Billboard from the Billboard Table

You can use the Table at the bottom of the home page to search for particular billboards by keyword or by filtering billboards with a common attribute, such as location or owner.