To Add A New Billboard

1)  Navigate to the area of a billboard by using any or all of these tools:

  • Type a nearby address or intersection into the search bar above the map.

  • Pan around the map by click and dragging the pointer in the map interface.

  • Zoom in on the billboard location by using the zoom in/out bar in the upper left corner of the map.

Then, Click on the map at the location of the billboard.

2)  Center the Street View on the Billboard:

A Street Viewer window will open up with a street view of the location. Occasionally, the street view will not open on the first click; if this happens, just click again. On the left you will see a picture of the street. On the right, you will see a map that shows the point the picture is seen from and the point you are viewing. You will also see the address of the point you are viewing.


 Focus and Center the street viewer on the billboard: Pan around the street view by clicking and dragging the pointer in the picture until the billboard is in the center of the picture. You will notice that each time you do this, the address of the location listed on the right will update to reflect the address of the location that is now in the center of the street view picture. Cool! Zoom in on the picture of the billboard until it is the street view is centered on the edges of the billboard as much as possible. Each time you zoom, the address listed on the right updates.

3) Enter additional information about the billboard. 



  • Address. If the address that is listed as the location of the billboard is incorrect, type in the correct address in the address line.
  • Company Name. The company that owns the billboard is often visibly marked on billboard.
  • ID Number. Companies that own billboards identify them by number, and these are often listed on the billboard.
  • Type. Is the billboard on a Pole connected to the ground; sitting on a Roof; attached to a Wall; a Mural; or a large plastic Wrap that covers up the side of a building?
  • Number of ad faces. Billboards are usually single- or double-sided.
  • Lighted. Is the billboard lit up?
  • Digital. Is the billboard one of the new types that look like a large television screen with changing ads?

4) Save the billboard.

    * Click "Submit and return to map"  The street view window will close and you will be back at the map.

    * OR "Submit and stay in Street View"  Your billboard will be saved but the street view window will remain open, so you can continue finding and entering billboards using the street view.