Be An Active Member of the Billboard Map Community!

The Billboard Map seeks to harness the power of the public to create a collective body of knowledge. This cannot happen without active users of the site!

What can you do to help?

Add Billboards. The Billboard Map will not come into fruition if users do not add billboard entries to the map. When you are out in your community, make a note of billboards you see and then add them to the site. For some areas, you can use the Billboard Map Streetviewer to move down a street and enter numerous billboards.

Complete Information on Existing Billboards. Open the Streetview window for existing billboards in the map and check whether they have all possible information added, such as the owner of the billboard or the type of the billboard. We need people to help complete this information!

Keep the Billboard Map Current. New billboards are always going up and, less often, some are being taken down.  Make sure the map is up-to-date!

Be Interviewed. This project is part of a dissertation on community mapping.  Ph.D. candidate, Elisabeth Sedano, is interviewing volunteers about their usage of the this site.  Interviews are only about half an hour long and much appreciated!  If you are willing to be interviewed please click here and let Ms. Sedano know.

Tell Your Friends and Neighbors. People cannot share their knowledge if they do not know the Billboard Map exists. Tell people you know about this site and encourage them to pass on the information.

Publicize the Billboard Map. Are you a journalist, blogger, DJ, or celebrity spokesperson in need of a cause? Alas, we cannot afford to publicize the Billboard Map using a billboard, so we need your help.