Purpose and Development of The Billboard Map 


 The Billboard Map allows members of the public to create a map and underlying database of billboard locations in the Los Angeles area.  Why would people want to do this?  Because no comprehensive database exists of billboard locations in Los Angeles.  The city of Los Angeles is responsible for regulating billboards, yet due to budget limitations and the financial incentive of billboard companies to put up new signage, the city cannot keep up an accurate and complete database of billboards.

This project is an attempt to harness the power and knowledge of the public to tackle this large task.  Can individual members of the public collectively create a body of knowledge that the city and its agencies have as yet been unable to?  We believe so.  After all, billboards are made to be seen by the public!  We hope that this Web site becomes a useful database of billboard locations for public and government use.


Established: 2010

This site was created by Elisabeth Sedano, Ph.D. Candidate in geography, and developed by Daniel Goldberg, Ph.D., Assistant Director the Spatial Sciences Institute.  It is the subject of Ms. Sedano's dissertation, under the advisement of John Wilson, Ph.D., Director of the Spatial Sciences Institute.

Ms. Elisabeth Sedano:

Ph.D. Candidate,
Billboard Map Creator

Ms. Sedano designed the Billboard Map and developed the academic research questions posed by the creation and use of the Billboard Map site.

Dr. Daniel W. Goldberg:

Research Assistant Professor of Spatial Science & USC GIS Research Laboratory Associate Director, 
Billboard Map Developer

Dr. Goldberg is the developer and technical advisor of the Billboard Map site.

Dr. John P. Wilson:

Professor of Geography & USC GIS Research Laboratory Director,
Billboard Map Advisor

Dr. Wilson is the academic advisor of the Billboard Map site.